Creative Vision & Direction

When an experience stimulates an emotion, we become involved; open to new ideas and perspectives. If we learn something about ourselves in the process, it can extend our horizons and give us a sense of place in the universe.

Special Venue Consultation

A successful attraction begins with the big idea: the core concept. It continues with the design & an implementation that focuses on the best possible experience for guests within the constraints of the budget.

Media Production

We design and utilize media in unique ways to create immersive experiences: 70mm, 35mm, digital cinema, HD, 3-D, 4-D effects, multiple screens, multi-track point source audio, surround sound, animated sets and object theatre.

Concept & Script Development

We tell stories to engage an audience. We’ve learned that there’s a story to be found in almost anything. And we’ve also come to understand how these stories can unfold in a surprisingly short time frame.