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3D ride film
Big Bang 3D

This 3D ride film is the story of the Earth from the Big Bang onwards.

Introduced by a quick witted, tongue-in-cheek preshow, The Big Bang 3D explains the universe's appalling safety record.

In the ride film you'll experience the universe bursting into being and evolving: stars ignite, then some die, then some ignite, then more die, some more our born, and then they die.

Then our own planet is almost destroyed in a collision with a gigantic asteroid. Fortunately, the debris from that explosion forms a rocky ring that eventually fuses to become our moon.

It's the moon that slows the rotation of the Earth and helps create the perfect conditions for life to emerge.

And here we are! 14
billion years of history
later. And you saw it
only 4 minutes.

Big Bang Preshow - screen shot 2
Big Bang - Starring Mackenzie Grey
Big Bang Preshow - screen shot 1
Big Bang Poster