Camões: Noutra Dimensão

A compelling immersion into a colorful history in the heart of Portugal’s most important national cultural center, the Park of Nations, the Government of Portugal commissioned our client, SimEx, to create an innovative interpretation of the life of their iconic national hero, Luis de Camoes.

A complex colorful character from the 1500’s when Portugal was pioneering global exploration, Camoes was a larger-than-life blend of Shakespeare and Indiana Jones.

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Park of Nations

Mathew Dawson
SimEx Iwerks

Lisbon, Portugal

Opened: 2000
The multi-theater immersive environment allowed the audience to experience key events in Portuguese history and shows how Camoes and his writing have inspired his countrymen through centuries of love and war.

Guests experience the colors, smells, textures and characters of the timeless streets of old Lisbon and ancient Macao. The adventure climaxes in a battle in the South China Sea aboard 15th century sailing vessels.